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Hughes Hypnosis and Idaho School of Professional Hypnotherapy

Board Certified Clinical & Consulting Hypnotist
Robert Hughes MPA, BCH, CHt, CHtA



Welcome to HughesHypnosis.com, the website for Robert Hughes' hypnotherapy practice in Boise.

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HughesHypnosis.com is about the power of your mind to help you change, heal, grow and improve anything in your life. The site offers information about hypnosis, hypnotism, and hypnotherapy and its power to help you make positive and beneficial changes in your life.

In 2012, Robert reopened his respected Boise hypnotherapy practice after two years in Richmond, Virginia, and one year in Kona, Hawaii. You are invited to explore this web site to answer your questions about hypnosis and how it can help you.

Robert can be contacted with questions, or for appointments, at
(208) 908-2560

Robert Hughes
Robert Hughes     

Robert has moved to a new office space at 5993 W. State Street, Boise, ID 83703.



Since 1994, Robert Hughes has operated the highly effective Hughes Hypnosis hypnotherapy practice in Boise, Idaho. Between 2009 and 2012, Robert temporarily relocated his practice to Richmond, Virginia, and Kona-Kailua, Hawaii. He returned to Boise in 2012 and is practicing here again.

This site tells you about his successful stop smoking program, his programs for hypnotic birthing, irritable bowel syndrome, test preparation and many other uses of hypnosis. There is an About Robert page that gives a brief overview of Robert's qualifications, and a link to a full resume. There is an FAQ page that explores the myths and truths about hypnotherapy.

Here is a partial listing of conditions or life issues for which Robert has used hypnotherapy successfully. If you don't see your particular concern listed here, or in the Programs page, please contact Robert to see if hypnotherapy is right for you.

Smoking Cessation Drug Free, Painless Childbirth
Relaxation and Stress Control Better Athletic Performance
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Stress Related Physical Problems
Chronic Pain Panic, Anxiety and Fears
Grief and Emotional Pain Breast Enlargement
Math and Test Anxiety Impotence and Premature Ejaculation
Nail Biting and Bad Habits Eating Disorders
Improved School Work Self Esteem and Confidence
Memory and Work Skills Healing Childhood Trauma
Inner Discovery and Awareness Past-Life Exploration
Compulsive Behaviors Post Traumatic Stress
Cancer Pain and Nausea Surgical and Dental Preparation

If you would like to practice relaxation, there is a FREE SCRIPT included so you can record your own relaxation tape. Thanks for visiting. Please bookmark this page so that you can easily return or recommend it to others.

For those seeking referrals to well-trained, competent hypnotherapists in Sun Valley, ID, Richmond, Virginia, or Salem, Oregon; you can click here for a link to USEFUL LINKS and REFERRALS.

                 Thanks, Robert Hughes                

Robert Hughes MPA, BCH, CHt, CHtA

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