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Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass Insulation

The insulation of a home is one of the aspects that enable a comfortable environment. Comfort is provided by insulation through slowing down the gaining and losing of heat. When it comes to the process of insulating a home, there are several materials that can be used. But, in these options, fiberglass insulation is considered as the most common. Fiberglass is made by spinning the molten glass to turn into fibers. Fiberglass insulation is also an environment-friendly insulation material.

fiberglass insulation

The process of making the material already makes it a great barrier for heat. Hence, it makes it an excellent material for the application. Apart from that, there are more benefits in using and choosing fiberglass insulation in getting a house insulated.

The Benefits of Fiberglass Insulation

·         It is Low Cost. It became the most common type of material used in the application because of its cost. It is not only perfect for people who want to keep their home insulated without needing a huge amount of money. Fiberglass insulation is also excellent for those who are looking for ways on how they can keep their home comfortable even during extreme temperatures. Therefore, it makes it a good solution for anyone.

·         It is a Thermal and Energy Efficient Insulating Material. Fiberglass insulation is known as a one of the best means of making a thermally efficient home or building. It does that by maintaining a comfortable temperature. Because of that aspect of the material, it helps individuals save on utility expenses. The material is an effective way of conserving fuel sources that are not renewable.

·         It is Versatile. The good thing about fiberglass insulation is that it can be used on any type of insulation application. It can be used as batts and loose fills for attic and wall installation, especially in between ceiling joists. The batts are also useful on wall spaces.

·         Fiberglass is Moisture Resistance. Aside from being low cost, the materials also do not easily absorb or hold water. Hence, fiberglass insulation does not get easily damaged. But, it still helps to inspect the material before and after the installation, especially on its sides.

·         It is Fire Resistance. The material is naturally not combustible, an aspect that remains throughout. That is because of the materials that it is made from – recycled glass and sand. Aside from reducing the risk of fire, you do not have the fire-retardant chemicals leaching out of cellulose insulation over time.  

·         It is Sound Absorbent. Fiberglass insulation is excellent for two reasons – it keeps the temperature within the house comfortable and it reduces sound transmission. Thus, comfort is truly provided through the material. If you live on a busy street your home will become quieter.

·         The Materials Used in Producing Fiberglass is Recycled. In this aspect, fiberglass insulation’s environment-friendly aspect is again supported. The materials that are put on the recycle process include pre and post-consumer glass containers and silica sand. The need for more landfill space is reduced since there is now something that glass containers can be used for. As for the silica sand, recycling and using it to produce another product effectively reduces its environmental impact.

Fiberglass insulation is useful for comfort reasons and keeping the environment protected. These are the benefits of choosing fiberglass insulation and the initial amount you have to spend. After a few short years your investment will be paid off with the energy savings. You will then be saving money in the bank year after year.

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